A symbolic dataset of Turkish makam music phrases

M. Kemal Karaosmanoğlu, Barış Bozkurt, Nilgün Doğrusöz Dişiaçık


Data sets containing pieces in SymbTr2 format segmented into phrases

Expert 1

Expert 2

Expert 3

Please refer to the following publication if you use this data in your research:

M. K. Karaosmanoglu, B. Bozkurt, A. Holzapfel, N. D. Disiacik, A symbolic dataset of Turkish makam music phrases, Folk Music Analysis Workshop (FMA), Istanbul, 2014.

Pieces segmented by 20 experts



Corresponding Midi files

Package 1

Package 2 

Matlab functions to read data and perform automatic phrase boundary detection

Matlab functions

Please refer to the following paper if you use the Matlab functions:

B. Bozkurt, M. K. Karaosmanoglu, B. Karacali, E. Unal, Usul and Makam driven automatic melodic segmentation for Turkish music, Accepted for Journal of New Music Research, 2014.

Distributions of phrase boundaries with respect to makam pitches and usul beats

Matlab data file and figures

Info: Links refer to files on Dropbox. If you have problem in accessing Dropbox you can refer to the authors of the paper to request the files.